Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who the F**K is in charge up there in D.C.? (Video)

It sure ain't the Democrats.

Hell, this past 48 hours has been a damn nightmare.

Then to have the most corporate Democrat of all, Rahm Emanuel, tell Harry Reid to cut the deal with Lieberman? Hell, what is the point?

When will this White House and this Democratic Congress admit the fumbling and jumbling of this health care bill has been gutted since the summer.

Yes, the summer.

Communication is a BITCH. I mean a bitch that won't stray.

When Barack Obama hung on the Senate Finance Bill, continued to give extensions, kept moving the dates, was when we got obliterated in the summer. While our President was having his vacation on Martha's Vineyard, his message or lack of message got destroyed by the GOP, Republicans and Insurance Companies.

Yes, it did.

We sat back for a good long minute watching all these town hall meetings destroying what was a public option. Instead of the White House and Democratic Congress coming up with a plan to explain the public option, as Candidate Obama did so eloquently for 2 years on the campaign trail, "Health Care Like Congress", all of these characters just let it happen. Democrats had no cover, swing district politicians were scared and the President Obama had to have a second Joint Sessions of Congress just to EXPLAIN what he perceives is the health care insurance bill.

At this point, this White House has used ALL its political capital, and need something to campaign on in 2010, even if it is the most shitty bill that we will ever have to swallow. And again, the White House and Conservadems are asking the progressive part of the party to swallow this shit and take it.

Well, I am done. I am not taking shit. This is an outrage. Who the fuck is in charge up there? Obviously, to bow down to the scum of the earth called Lieberman is too much. Where is the conviction at? Where is the strength at? Because right now, I don't see it.

Barack Obama failed to do the one thing he campaigned on, to bring real health care reform. And while many are arguing here, where is the cost cutting at? Where is the saving on my monthly premiums at? Where is the competition or choice at? The meat of this senate bill has been stripped away. You might as well had lobbyists right this shit, yes, and we all wrote diaries and comments when the Medicare Prescription D went down, because lobbyists DID write it.

We have a long way to go, but if the bill we see now end up being it, many are through with Obama and the Democrats. While I see all these diaries up stating to kill the bill is a monumental failure in the fall, we don't have to kill the bill at all. Just let it go out the way it is and many Democrats and all those new voters that came to our side in 2008 will just NOT SHOW UP. And why should they with this atrocity.

Lastly, though I wanted public option for all, in the end I had made my mind up to just get one to start. That public option was so watered down it would only cover 2-6M people in this country and that is NOTHING. But, now taking away that? What is the point for this bill?


And here is King Liberman in all his glory, telling the American People what this deal will be on health care insurance reform. Isn't this just lovely?

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