Monday, December 14, 2009

The White House is not listening to Main Street (Video)

From Michael Steele, a fumbling, bumbler, but he just may have hit a nerve that many people out here feel. Many do feel that much money, time have been given to Wall Street. For Main Street? Saving homes? 1 out of every 100 applications for the re-mortaging homes from the Obama White House plan, not even 100,000 applications have been approved. Homes are going into foreclouser in record amount, mosting PRIME MORTGAGES now, not sub-prime, those with good credit but families have lost their jobs, hours cuts, wages frozen. Yes, you and me. I have always said, at times, Barack Obama is too professorial, and needs to be blunt with emotion. Perception means everything to people who are hurting. I hope he figures this out.

Now, Obama is going after the banks. OK....

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