Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama Morning Break. October Surprise?

Barack in Asheville, North Carolina


October Surprise?

First, listen to what Chris Matthews had to say about the lowness and pathetically lame McCain Campaign to attempt to change the subject of the economy to "Obama".

We know all we need to know about Barack Obama. We know about Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezko, all of them. This crap came out during the primaries and we better be damn glad it did.


Because this shit now is irrelevant. Anyone shocked at the good Reverend, or Bill Ayers who was bombing stuff when Obama was 8, or Tony Rezko when it was found out after 3 years of FBI investigation Obama had nothing to do with his schemes, they probably won't vote for Obama. That vote is called, "excuse not to vote for Obama, because we don't want to be called a 'racist'" excuse.

Look, it is painful to see John McCain, a distinguished, war hero have to go this low because he can't beat Obama fair and square on the issues.

McCain is out of touch, uncomfortable with the economic situation. He has no "ball setting, heart wrenching" plans to give to the American Public, but tax cuts. That is not enough with less than 30 days to go, when you are diving in the state and national polls at an alarming rate. So, smear tactics here we go.

Tonight is the second presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. The format is town hall meeting; many say a gold mine for McCain, one he excels at. McCain can attempt to bring up Wright, Ayers and Crew all he wants, but remember what happened to Hillary Clinton after the Philadelphia Debate. Yes, she won, but in the end it did not work because she is not debating McCain tonight.

Folks are hurting, losing their retirement/401K, can't afford any outside luxuries, unable to afford gasoline prices, the last thing they want or need is bullshit distractions played by these candidates.

McCain can go down this road, his lipstick pit bull is carrying his dirty water already, but she is a mockery on herself. Who is listening to Sarah Palin? She already discredited herself to the public by not being qualified for jack, at this point.

In the end, this dirty tactic will not work for McCain. He better come up with some policy, program for the public to embrace regarding the economy or get ready to go back to the senate in November.

for real.


Gloves come off on 'The View'


CNN POLL: Majority think country headed for depression

A new national poll suggests that six in ten Americans think another depression is likely.

In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll out Monday afternoon, 59 percent of those questioned say that its very or somewhat likely that another depression could occur in the United States. Four in ten Americans say it not likely another depression will occur.

The country went through a decade long depression following the stock market crash of 1929, in which roughly one out of four workers were unemployed, banks failed across the country, and millions of ordinary Americans were temporarily homeless or unable to feed their families.

Eight in ten of those polled say things are going badly in the country today and 84 percent rate the economic conditions as poor.

"The question on how things are going in the country is the longest trend on the public's mood in polling history, and in 34 years, Americans have never had such a negative view," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "That 20% mark is an all-time low the makes the mood of the country worse today than it was during Watergate, the Iran hostage crisis, or the aftermath of 9/11." continue



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New Obama Ad, "The Subject"

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