Monday, October 6, 2008

The Gloves Come Off

Since the McCain Campaign has been on "negative overdrive" since the summer, they did reap some rewards.

They came close to Obama in the polls. They put an inexperience, unqualified "winker" on the ticket to bring home the fundies, hopefully women. They kept the character attacks going.


The economy crashed. Ninth straight monthly job loss. Unsure if the 700B bailout is enough. Angry and worried electorate. And still unable to put the word "change" in their mandate.

Well, the McCain Campaign has the simpleton Palin making crazy accusations about Obama and Ayers. So, the Obama Campaign will not sit back and get swiftboated.

Out comes the "Keating 5" Scandal. The Keating what? My sentiments, exactly.

The Keating 5 scandal happened over 20 years ago. Five senators improperly aided Charles Keating in one of the biggest savings and loans scandals in the country, at that time.

It is a black mark on John McCain and shows why REGULATION in the financial industry is paramount for accountability.

The Obama Campaign is reintroducing this scandal to the country, making the public aware that McCain has not learned his lesson when it comes to regulation of the financial industry, especially with the downfall of IndyMac, Washington Mutual and the some of the oldest investment firms on Wall Street.

A full documentary will be available for public view at 12:00 EST, today.

This race is going down to the wire and will get ugly. The McCain Campaign desperately needs to turn this on character issue of Barack Obama, but as I wrote before, the public decides what is important and right now it is the downward spiral of the economy.