Friday, October 10, 2008

New Obama Ad, "Lose" (Video)


NARRATOR: John McCain admits if the election is about the economy, he’s going to lose.

(Photo of Obama….Graphic quoting the McCain campaign as quoted in the Daily News on October 5: "If we keep talking about the economy we’re going to lose.”)

NARRATOR: Now as Americans lose their jobs and savings…

(Still photo of stockbrokers)

NARRATOR: ...McCain’s resorting to smears and false attacks.

(Graphics: “Smear” -- Associated Press 10-5-08; “Verdict: False” -- CNN 10-5-08)

NARRATOR: Barack Obama launched his first campaign here, not in anyone’s living room.

(Graphic: "Obama launched his first campaign here in this hotel." Still photo of "Ramada Inn – Chicago, IL")

NARRATOR: And Bill Daley? He was confirmed as Commerce Secretary and praised for his great work…

(Screen-grab of "McCain attack ad" featuring "Political Boss William Daley") none other than John McCain.

(Signed photo by McCain of McCain and Daley; Graphics: "Commerce Secretary praised for his 'great work' 9-25-08 CNN)

NARRATOR: It’s clear…with no plan to fix our economy…smears are all John McCain has left.

(Graphics: "With no plan to fix our economy...Smears are all McCain has left)

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