Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Senator Barack Obama is now "THAT ONE?????"

I will put the debate video up later, but this is another reason why McCain lost.

During the debate McCain became unhinged. Just as he was condescending, nasty towards Obama in the first debate, he actually pointed and referred to Senator Barack Obama during this debate as "that one."

Again, his temperament of unsteadiness and anger is not what is required to guide this country through some very difficult times the next four years.

To actually call a member of the senate, your colleague, equal, "that one", just lost him the election.

Yes, some may look at it as racist. Fair enough. But I look at it like Hillary did during the primaries. The "how dare he" syndrome. How dare Barack be ahead in the polls than me? How dare he just be in the senate two years and is about to win the presidency over me? How dare he connect to the country and not me? Just how dare he, period. It is the elitist attitude of Senator John McCain, in the end that will take him down.

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