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Obama Afternoon Break. McCain/Palin "The Most Appaling Campaign Ever"

Barack post debate, Belmont University, Nashville, TN


A very low road campaign

First off, McCain addressing Obama as "That One", extremely poor taste.

Now, let's talk about the McCain/Palin Campaign.

There have been several instances documented by persons of the media that has happened at the McCain/Palin rallies across this country. These instances are very disturbing and should and be put at the feet of the candidates on the ballot.

Documents of McCain/Palin supporters calling Obama "treason", "terrorist", "kill him" and a network soundman who happens to be African-American was called "a uppity Negro."

And of course, that sheriff in Lee County, Florida, garnered in his sheriff attire, calling "Barack Hussein Obama", apparently in trouble.

Palin has been the typical hatchet job, ax murderer candidate when it comes to smears. She has been pumping and touting the William Ayers angle, which has been debunked by every news organization out there. But the worst part of this is that when these supporters at her campaign events and McCain's campaign events say words like these, the candidates say nothing.

These words are intended to incite people and is unnecessary, but more importantly dangerous. McCain stood there while a supporter called Barack Obama a "terrorist", now if I heard it through the television clearly, McCain heard it.

John McCain is losing, the ship is sinking fast. Sarah Palin is a sock puppet; she will say or do anything the campaign tells her to do. She delivers the lines and most of the time don't know what the hell she is talking about.

People in this country, after watching the debate last night, are worried to death about the future of this country. They are watching their 401Ks shrink, pensions destroyed, and no money for anything, wondering if there are jobs in the future and if you will lose the one you got.

These are serious times, which requires serious people.

John McCain and Sarah Palin can take their nastiness, distraction tactics, and juvenile antics somewhere else. If they cannot discuss the issues at hand, on the table with the American People, they don't deserve the highest two offices in this land, period.

I will leave you with the Editorial Board of The New York Times and what their take is on this:

....In a way, we should not be surprised that Mr. McCain has stooped so low, since the debate showed once again that he has little else to talk about. He long ago abandoned his signature issues of immigration reform and global warming; his talk of “victory” in Iraq has little to offer a war-weary nation; and his Reagan-inspired ideology of starving government and shredding regulation lies in tatters on Wall Street.

But surely, Mr. McCain and his team can come up with a better answer to that problem than inciting more division, anger and hatred.

Huffington Post


Full Video of the Presidential Debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN


Biden says McCain taking 'low road'
Joe Biden was all about sports metaphors today, bragging to voters that Barack Obama has won the first two presidential debates and that he bested Republican rival Sarah Palin in their only face-off last week.

"If this were a best of five series, it'd be over," Biden said in Tampa, Fla.

While McCain during the town hall in Nashville went for a second 90-minute debate without mentioning the middle class, Obama again showed his calm command of what the country needs, Biden said.

That's what voters want, he said, "not an angry man lurching from one position to another" or "unbecoming personal attacks" on Obama.

"You didn't hear one single average person ask about that," Biden said.

He said that McCain's campaign is raising ugly fears with the veiled question of who the real Obama is. Palin, in particular, is raising "outrageous inferences" about Obama.

"This is beyond disappointing," Biden said. "This is wrong."

Biden urged voters not to be distracted by the attacks, saying that McCain is taking the "low road" because he's part and parcel of President Bush's failed policies.

When you vote with Bush 95 percent of the time, it's not surprising that nearly all of McCain's ads are negative, Biden said.

Reeling off a one liner, he declared, "You can't be a maverick if all you've ever been is a sidekick."


Part of Joe Biden's Speech in Fort Myers, FL and the politics of fear



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