Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is FAR from being in the "Bag for Barack"

I am a broken record, yes, I know.

But I don't trust the electorate.

These are the same folks that voted George W. Bush, twice.

After watching, yes I watched, Hannity and Colmes last night, I know where this is going.

The focus on William (Bill) Ayers is about winning Pennsylvania and holding onto Florida.

I said this last night to my husband and Tweety was chirping away on morning joe about the McCain Strategy.

Whatever you say about Sarah Palin, one thing is for certain, she is camera friendly and knows how to play it. If anyone has been paying attention to her rallies, her hard hitting rhetoric of Obama and Ayers, the letting "pass" of words from the audience as "terrorist" or "kill him", should worry everyone.

This thing can go two ways. Deeply refuted and rebuked by the public, or get voters to pay attention and vote McCain/Palin to squeak a win.

I am more concerned about Pennsylvania than many on this board and don't trust the polling right now. Look at the demographics. This is an older white state, conservative with the exception of the two big cities on the east and west ends of the state, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

This type of rhetoric from the McCain/Palin camp is dangerous. It plays on fears and questions many unknowns.

Even though Obama has been on the scene and every stone unturned, playing the "race card", yes that is what it is, by making inference that he is a "questionable terrorist" is enough for any low information voter to catch on and listen.

The one thing on our side is the economy.

No one like what is happening and folks are losing their retirement/401Ks at an alarming rate. Many are concerned about their jobs, if they will still have a job, gas prices, food prices, tuition, etc.

What I am stating is this, "we don't have it in the bag", at all. Not one vote has been counted and GOTV has not ramped up. Until then, stop with this "the poll numbers", because all I have to do is remember New Hampshire this past January and everyone was touting, "the poll numbers", well we saw what happened in that primary.

Everyone one on here need to get to a battleground state, if you can, and volunteer, phone bank, donate, do something.

All I know is that what the McCain Campaign is doing could work, or it could not work. That is a 50/50 toss up and at this point, those odds are not good enough for me.

Get busy.

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