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Evening Wrap Up...Obama, Iraq Flap-Up, McCain and Al Rodgers Pictures...

obama and senators hagel and reed in iraq


The Iraqi Statement of US Troops out in 2010 has everyone talking.

And it should. Look, we had to deal with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's statement that he "basically" agree with the Obama timeline of 16 months out of Iraq. This was given to the German magazine, der Spiegel, who had an audio and gave it to the NYT. So, yes, there was no misspeak, misunderstanding al-Maliki said this.

Prime Minister al-Maliki is playing politics here. It is apparent that he feels that the violence has quelled in Iraq, he has gotten stronger with his post and along with this comes power.

It is obvious that the Iraqis want us out and that the al-Maliki regime is looking past the Bush White House to the "next White House". The problem for the Bush White House and McCain is what is the argument for staying in Iraq? If they are saying get out, what is the argument?

Lastly, now Bush is stating a "time horizon" for Iraq. (rolleyes, here) You mean, an actual timeline as Obama has been talking about for almost two years now? And you mean the Bush White House is now following the lead of the Democratic Nominee?

Sure, seems that way to me.


McCain insists he was right, Obama wrong on Iraq

Republican John McCain worked on Monday to wrestle the spotlight from rival Barack Obama's tour of Iraq by insisting he was right and the Democrat was wrong about the war and releasing a new critical ad blaming higher gas prices on his opponent.

As Obama toured the war zones trailed by U.S. network TV anchors, McCain ridiculed him from afar during a visit with the first President George Bush at his summer home on the Atlantic. At the same time, the Republican contender released an eyebrow-raising new ad flatly blaming the Illinois senator for higher gasoline prices.

The Republican and Democratic presidential contenders have differed sharply over Iraq. Obama has said he would withdraw U.S. troops from combat there over 16 months while reinforcing the U.S. effort against al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. McCain has resisted any timetable for withdrawal, insisting that victory in Iraq is a necessary precursor to success in Afghanistan.

Any withdrawal of troops from Iraq "must be based on conditions on the ground," McCain told reporters as he stood beside the 84-year-old former president.

The Arizona senator disparaged Obama as "someone who has no military experience whatsoever." continue


obama meeting prime minister al-maliki


John McCain was told by the New York Times to "rewrite" your op-ed

For real. No shit.

The crux of this decision is for McCain to "clarify" what winning the war is.

That is a good question, one that many of us have been asking ourselves since we invaded Iraq. For me, I want to know what McCain means by "winning the war", "coming home in honors", and what "victory" is.

See, any soldier coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan alive, not in a coffin, represents all those coined phrases above to me.

We will never win this war on terror. This has been going on since biblical times. What we can do is have different foreign policy directions and strong diplomacy to bring us all to the table and come to an agreement.

This is something that the Bush "Wild, Wild, West" White House never understood. All these decision makers, many who have resigned, resignations requested or was just straight up "fired", have put this country in a precarious position.

That is why the tune of John McCain is old, tired, and null and void to many.

We want change and it sure does not represent McCain, and the New York Times was correct to ask precise and distinct questions of McCain. Meaning? We need more than just "winning a war", "cut and run", "home with honors", we need specifics and that is what McCain surely lacks.

Read the NY Times take on this here.


hardball's take on obama in iraq



McCain's weak and laughable ad to blame Obama for the current gas prices...

Iraqi's want us out 2010, in English....

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