Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morning Brew...Obama, Iraq, Jordan, and the Media Desk Clerks....

obama meeting anbar province tribal leaders in iraq


I caught Anderson Cooper 360 before hitting the bed last night, one of the many glorified media desk clerks.

One thing that caught my ear was the framing of Obama "supposedly" in Iraq talking negotiations. Now this came from David Gergen and agreed with by Gloria Borger. Both stating that there is one president and that he should not be doing this. When I get a clip, I will post it, but I went to bed with a "WTF", here. One thing that Barack Obama has been clear on is that he is on this expedition to "listen" and there is only one president, that is George W. Bush. Sooooooo......?????

Then we have Andrea Mitchell, NBC, who is skeptical about the images, video, etc., coming out of Iraq. Well, there is nothing that Obama can do about that, it is controlled by the DoD. Maybe because as a "journalist", that is Mitchell, Obama has given a scoop to CBS's Face the Nation and ABC's Nightline there is some chomping at the bit? Obama's press conference today in Jordan, expect the press core to attempt to eat his lunch, per se. Sorry, they have not had their "Obama fix".

Oh, and there was no room for New Yorker reporter Ryan Cilizza on the Obama plane that left Chicago to meet up with Obama today in Jordan.

Ummmm, wonder if that wonderful "New Yorker Magazine" satire cover of The Obamas had anything to do with it?


morning joe on obama's trip, thus far


Now NBC/MSNBC is pushing the McCain picking a VP this week story...

Citing Bob Novak, who can be out there, there sometimes, but hey this is not far off the mark. When you are the other party's candidate and got rejected by the NYT or told to rewrite your op-ed piece, sucking for free media air, maybe picking a VP pick is not a bad idea. At least the press will be talking about you??


Obama is in Jordan

His plane has hit the tarmac.


PM Gordon Brown, UK, pulling troops out of Iraq?

Seems like he is on the same page as Barack Obama on this 16 month pullout.

n a Commons statement, he will reiterate the Government's intention to pare down the remaining 4,000-strong force as Iraq becomes more secure.

The Prime Minister's statement comes as two senior figures in the armed forces stated that British withdrawal should now be quickened. At the weekend, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of the Defence Staff, said that British troop levels in Iraq should come down significantly in 2009.

Acknowledging that the numbers had not come down as quickly as had been hoped, and again emphasising that the forces were not structured to maintain two large operations for an extended period, Sir Jock said: "I would expect us to see further substantial progress towards a more sustainable tempo in the course of the next year."

Meanwhile Brigadier Julian Free said that the Iraqi Security Forces "are in a position now where they can maintain security almost without our help". Paying tribute to the British troops' "transformation" of the security situation, Brig Free said: "The Iraqis are keen to do more for themselves and I think they will soon be in a position when they can take over." continue


Obamamania is full flight ahead of Europe

And all the information of the Berlin speech is on his website, here.


obama and general petraeus in iraq



Obama more popular among Jews than Lieberman....

Obama will visit a frequently "targeted" Israeli town.....

McCain's advisor states, 2020 is a realistic withdrawal date....damn we will be over there, what, almost 20 years????

Michelle Obama being defended, one article at a time....

Obama Trip information....

Obama, al-Maliki and McCain.....

More, Maliki Madness......

Missed Evening Wrap Up, read it here...

and Be Careful What You Wish For....

check back in later for the press conference video clip....

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