Monday, July 21, 2008

Be Careful, What You Wish For......


I don't know about you, but I thought this weekend would be nice and quiet.

We got to our fishing cabin and I plugged in and all hell had broke loose.

As, I was reading all this der Spiegel, al Maliki, Obama, Bush, McCain drama, I just could not help but think the following:

But it was McCain who teased, taunted and made speeches of Obama not going to Iraq and never been to Afghanistan...

Now, the McCain Campaign is sitting in its D.C. laden campaign offices, pounding their heads against the desk, asking themselves the only question:


I have been in and out today but what I have gathered is that now the Bush White House has something called a time horizons? On the horizons?

I mean, WTF, this is nothing but a timeline, one that Barack Obama has been talking about for almost two years. So, in other words, they have decided to follow the lead. Obama.

And then McCain. I mean, staying in Iraq is his campaign? Is it? Tell me if I am wrong, but isn't this it for him?

I mean, we know that he is not the economy king, unless he is talking about his rich friends economy. We don't need to look any further, just ask Phil Gramm.

So, if he is not the economy guru, this was it for him. Right?

Poor, McCain. He got what he wished for.

He kept whining about Obama not having enough foreign policy/national security experience and now he can not even compete with this:

Poor John, you got just what you wished for....

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