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Morning Brew...Obama in Israel, West Bank and CBS McCain Coverup...

Barack Obama lays a wreath in the Hall Of Remembrance visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum


CBS's snafu and editing of the McCain's misunderstanding of the Surge and Sunni Awakening

This was first pointed out by Keith Olbermann, last night on Countdown, as follows:

How this was found out is because extended video of both McCain and Obama's interview was posted on CBS's website with transcript. I have the link here, with the original Couric interview and the extended video.

Then on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN, last night this incident was talked about extensively, with David Gergen questioning the continuous gaffes and confusion of McCain and brought up McCain's age.

Joe Klein wraps this up about the danger of John McCain making hard, heavy hits on Obama and the overstating of the insurgency of al-Qaeda in Iraq, this along with the scurillious statements that Obama would rather "loose the war to win an election". This is worth repeating.

And JedReport's take on it:

and h/t over at kos for how it really went down:

My take, CBS lost credibility, period. McCain gaffed, again. Don't hide it, show it. And if you are going to do the "sneaky", at least don't put the sh*t on your website to discredit you. (rolleyes)

Obama Campaign don't let this sit out there and fester, the McCain words, that is. I know that many would rather Obama take the gloves off and fight right now, this is understood, but remember we will never win the war, but rather pick the battles that you can win.

I expect some response, when it comes it will be irrevocably on point, factual and hard hitting that the McCain Campaign will have to move along.

Full rundown by turneresq and Huffington Post. A good read.


Obama with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas


McCain and his Negativity

First Read gives a good rundown on John McCain and his spiraling campaign.

Sometimes body language can tell you a lot. And the body language coming from the McCain campaign -- as Obama continues his overseas trip -- doesn’t look too pretty right now. Let us count the ways: It has aired its first two negative TV ads of general election, one of which (on energy) was panned by virtually every media outlet for being factually incorrect. It later sent the press on what appears to be a wild goose VP chase, when it leaked to Bob Novak that a veep decision could be coming this week (and now even Novak admits that he might have been used). Next came the McCain Web video blasting the media’s attention on Obama, as well as those luggage tags calling the reporters who have followed McCain for much of this election the “JV Squad” while others are covering Obama overseas; the other side of the luggage tag was in French with a beret-wearing guy pouring wine. (Side thought: Why does McCain think belittling his own press corps is a good idea? But we digress…) And then yesterday came McCain’s line that “Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign” --

We all should digress.

John McCain and his Camp belittled Obama, challenged him to go to Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course, McCain wanted to go with Obama, but Obama side-stepped that one.

Since, Obama has been in the middle east, the whole Iraq thingy has unraveled to favor Obama, with the White House coinciding with the junior senator from Illinois, without publicly stating so.

I think yesterday's Katie Couric interview told the story about McCain. Couric let him go through his diatribe hate of Obama, because that is what his was, then just stated that he was frustrated with Obama.

Well, he is. He challenged Obama, thought Obama would mess up, big time and has come out on the losing end. That is it in the nutshell.

McCain need to wash his mouth out with "straight talk mouthwash" and get back on the straight and narrow trail of truth. Stop worrying about Barack Obama, but worry about how you are coming across to the American public right now. That is shrill, bitter, jealous and totally frustrated.

The only one looking presidential is Barack Obama.


chuck todd, first read

Lieberman speaking to Hagee Group, so when are the Dems going to kick him OUT....

Full Obama Jordan Press Conference, here...

Missed Evening Wrapup, here....

NBC/WSJ Poll out later today....

Obama Israel Press Conference this morning, will post video when available....

catch you guys later....


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