Thursday, July 24, 2008

Morning Brew....Obama in Germany....

Meets with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin


I will be in and out today, but posting pictures here as they come in. I will also post Obama's speech once available via video. Check out Obama's Germany Pictures and Obama's Jerusalem pictures.

Reminder, Obama's Speech in Germany, 1PM, EST

CNN Live Streaming at 1PM, EST, here


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color of change gives fox 650K petitions


Obama strives to overcome doubts among U.S. Jews

If U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama's trip to Israel is to be judged a success, one of the things it must do is help overcome doubts about him among some Jewish voters back home.

That is particularly true in Florida, a state whose support proved decisive for U.S. President George W. Bush in 2000 and which could help determine November's election.

Nationally, 74 percent of Jewish voters backed Democratic candidate John Kerry in 2004, according to exit polls, making them a potential treasure trove of votes for Obama, this year's presumptive Democratic nominee. In Florida Jewish voters make up 5 percent of the electorate. continue


vote vets ad, "freedom"


CBS Admits to editing McCain's Answers

Are we surprised at this? The evidence was out there. This is some of the worst reporting, evah....

Well, CBS has lost this viewer, for good.

Info, here.


WTF? Can we write pathetic? The McCain Campaign plays defense, terribly. Obama Campaign has shaken up McCain's Campaign they can't even think straight....



Presidential transition? read here....

Aboard "Air Force 'O'.......

Obama's Battleground Edge.......

Evening Wrap Up, here...

and Obama keeps lead in NBC/WSJ Poll

check back in later for more pics and video.....

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Anonymous said...

And a crowd of cheering Germans would never make a bad choice.

In his speach he said "No walls can stand between people".... Wow! That would have been really meaningful back in the 80's. Or wait, maybe he meant the border fence down Mexico way...