Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Evening Wrap Up...Obama in Israel and McCain losing his mind in the U.S.

obama poses with family in sderot, israel


My Take, McCain has Jumped the Shark

There has been much whining, complaining from the McCain Campaign about the Obama television coverage.

Again, John McCain challenged Obama and mocked him on his lack of national security/foreign policy experience and boo-yah, what happens? Obama is received by all heads of state in these countries and he should be. Why? Because he can be the commander in chief in January, that is why.

Obama is still the unknown, an agent of change. These foreign dignitaries already know what McCain is about. Bush III, next.

The McCain Campaign is bracing itself for the Berlin Germany speech, tomorrow. To offset Obama they attempted to have a photo-op on an oil rig out in the gulf, but had to cancel it because of Hurricane Dolly. In other words, too dangerous. Ok, big (rolleyes) here.

But the biggest boo-boo today was this:

The McCain campaign implied on Wednesday that Barack Obama's commitment to preventing a future genocide was not sincere, attacking the Democratic candidate during his appearance at the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem.

In an early morning press release, entitled "Obama on Genocide," McCain aide Tucker Bounds emailed reporters a quote from Obama's appearance in which the Illinois Democrat reiterated the cry "never again." He followed that quote with one taken a year ago from an interview that the Senator gave with the Associated Press in which he said that genocide or humanitarian crises were not a prerequisite for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq (a statement he has since walked back)

To take Obama's statement while at the holocaust memorial and attach it to genocide is really beyond the pale. They are really pulling low blows here, but the thing is that the McCain Campaign is being called on it and they have had to back peddle. Yes, double (rolleyes) here.

As, John McCain continues the "Hillary Clinton Campaign Deux", Obama would have passed the commander-in-chief test or thresh hold test. Meaning, watch the polling that comes out after this tour is completed and expect a bump in the polling. And watch the McCain Campaign continue to spiral in the gutter.

race for the white house


New NBC/WSJ Poll

Obama 47, McCain 41

Article and internals, here.

nightly news with brian williams


rnc negative ad against obama not funding the troops


Obama Berlin Speech, 1PM EST

All the information is here. The Obama Campaign expects up to one million people to hear Obama speak. Advertisement is here.


obama at Yad Vashem, Israel



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