Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trotting out former President Bill Clinton

First, I don't remember a former President taking the podium answering questions for the current President, while the current President is in a fight for a bill to be passed.

Yes, we call former Presidents to swing bats (due to popularity) during campaign swings, but to have a former President answer questions (which I say he did mighty well) to the White House Press Corps while the current President is in a current fight he is having?

I am sorry, that I have not witnessed.

Look, Bill Clinton is loved and hated within the Democratic Party. We understand his strengths and weaknesses. I am sure that some of the legislation (which Obama is now dealing with due to bills passed during the Clinton tenure) that Bill Clinton passed, he wish could take it back. Like, NAFTA, which has had a direct affect of jobs for the middle class in this country. Sure, he would probably want to take that back.

The reality is this. It was a nice picture, mini presser but Bill Clinton is not the President of the United States, Barack Obama is.

My husband said this, "...why is Bill Clinton answering questions to the current tax crisis/debate and Barack Obama is not? I think this makes Obama look weak. And this is 2010 and not 1994."

I thought about that and my husband was right. This is not 1994. Why? First off, the cable networks and cable chatter was not off the chain as it is now. The internet was not instant news as it is now, which many Americans, NOW get their information. And the big key my husband stated, "...the recession Clinton was in is different than what is going on now."

Clinton was retrieved because of the Internet boom that happened under his watch. But that bubble was busted once George W. Bush assumed office. The unemployment numbers that we see now are real, not a vapor. The people out of work are/have been for a while now, well over 6 months. And the truth, there are not enough hard jobs to hire folk in this country. That is the dilemma that Barack Obama faces. There will be no fake economy to save him, like it did with Clinton in the internet boom. What is happening out here is real.

So now, we see the Clinton/Obama show. It is nice, memory lane and all, but that is all it is.

All I can write is this. Barack Obama must be in real trouble to trot out Bill Clinton at this time. No disrespect to the former President, but one has to wonder why at this time and will it work. Will the Democratic base remember how Bill Clinton lost big time in 1994 and had to deal with the Republicans? Will the Democrats line up with Barack Obama and let all this pass? But, will the Independents come home as Barack go to the right? Those are the questions which we will see answered in the months to come.

Personally, I don't think Bill Clinton will make a difference. He was then and Barack Obama is now. That is the difference.

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