Tuesday, December 7, 2010

King of Flip-Flops: Barack Obama

First, there was this and that secret deal the White House tried to deny with BIG PHaRMA:

Then, Senator Obama who was campaigning for President of the United States insisted that he does not support any mandates, but caved to the insurance companies that every American must purchase health care insurance. Meaning, giving the insurance companies up to or over 30 million new customers. Some change you can believe in!!

Though in 2008 then-Senator Barack Obama campaigned against requiring adults to buy insurance,[13] in July 2009 President Obama reportedly "changed his mind" and announced that he was "now in favor of some sort of individual mandate as long as there's a hardship exemption."[14] Supporting an individual mandate, Obama said, "I've been persuaded that there are enough young, uninsured people who are cheap to cover, but are opting out. To make sure that those folks are part of the overall pool is the best way to make sure that all of our premiums go down."[15] However, the Congressional Budget Office found that the effect of broadening insurance coverage "would probably be relatively small and would not directly produce net savings in national or federal spending on health care."[16]

Now the main premise of his campaign was repealing the Bush Tax Cuts. In fact, President Obama explained repeatedly that these tax cuts were never paid for and is part of the problem of the deficit. Informing the public that this money will be used for other programs and to help reduce the deficit. Well, the biggest flip/flop of all extending these rich folk tax cuts, along with reducing the estate tax for some of the most richest estates in this country. My question is always this, "there are more poor folk, middle class folk than rich folk..." That is a fact.

Now, the problem with the Obama White House is that they are incompetent when it comes to playing hardball and defending their policies. We saw this through the health care fiasco, financial regulation debate and now these tax cuts. President Obama's first duty should have been working on this economy, which includes getting ready to fight for the repealing of the Bush Tax Cuts and having ready his own tax cut plan. Unemployment Extension should never have been out there for the Republicans to hijack to get what they want. An up and down vote should have come out of congress for JUST EXTENDING UNEMPLOYMENT, a recorded vote for the public to view. The public would have been on the side of continuing the extension, with no games being played. Pressure could mount on incoming House members from the most hard hit states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio to vote to keep the UI extensions going. This is not hard, but the dysfunctional Democrats in D.C. continues to let it be dysfunctional.

Now, Barack Obama can continue to be thin skinned and have selective memory on much of what he said, but the American Public remembers. The public is not stupid, does anyone think Barack Obama will fight to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts in 2012? After we just saw this flip-flop show from him? He has just allowed the can to be kicked further down the road and the longer it is kicked the more reality that these tax cuts will become permanent.

Lastly, I don't care if the President is angry at members in his own party, he has another issue to deal with. TRUST. You need all those people that brought you to the dance to become re-energized in 2012, right now many are losing trust in anything that you say. When you lose trust it is very hard to get it back. Remember that President Obama, while you are getting upset at the word, "public option".

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