Thursday, September 9, 2010

(UPDATE) Another "Nut in the Hut": Pastor Jones burning the Koran and POTUS response

Yes, this is a publicity stunt of the worst kind. To publicly burn a holy book of Muslim faith the Koran? What will that accomplish? We are already hated in the Middle East for fucking it up by the illegal invasion of Iraq. We already destroyed a country and paying a price for never finding weapons of mass destruction. Now we have a no nothing Pastor who is pulling a publicity stunt of hatred?

And now he wants to speak to President Obama about this? Please. Jones, nut in the hut, the President won't be calling your ignorant ass anytime soon.

President Obama on Good Morning America:

Finally, from General Petraeus on down to the Republicans (who are finally coming out with a response), the final consensus is that this is not only a bad idea but will put our troops in harm's way due to this totally irresponsible publicity stunt.

Pastor Jones cancels Koran burning:

The pastor of a Florida church announced Thursday he is calling off his plans to burn copies of the Qurann on Saturday -- the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Rev. Terry Jones said at a press conference he is canceling the controversial event.

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