Monday, December 6, 2010

The Caver in Chief

Sigh, just writing that makes me feel bad, but I deal with reality not fantasy and this is how I see things from the White House along with how I feel.

Extending the current Bush Tax Cuts (the name alone should make many cringe) is one of the most horrible decisions Barack Obama will do.

We have sat and saw this White House repeatedly negotiate many things away before a fight, along with witnessing this White House repeatedly run after the Republicans for votes they never got.

Well, we are witnessing the White House again wave their retrieval flag for the most basic promise of the Obama Campaign, repealing the Bush Tax Cuts.

There are plenty of diaries, blogging, newspaper articles with much discussion about a deal to extend the tax cuts 2-3 years in lieu of keeping the current unemployment extensions in tact.

The reality is that no deal should be cut or should have ever been thought of. With the unemployment rate inching to 9.8% in November, extending the current extensions is a non-brainer. But this White House is gutless and don't know how to fight.

Calling the Republicans scrooges to block any unemployment extension, along with creating a Tier 5 is a good fight to have, why? The people of this country understand this and get it because many know family members, friends in this very dire straight. The people of this country also understand that no tax cuts should be extended for the richest millionaires and billionaires in this country. In fact, if we are negotiating to keep the current unemployment extensions, why not demand a tier 5? Especially with the unemployment number ticking UPWARD not DOWNWARD.

I mean are we going to get ANYTHING OUT OF THIS DEAL? Does this White House know or understand the art of negotiating? Everyone must ask this because the way things are going my outlook on the White House is a bunch of dumb asses who are totally clueless.

Lastly, I agree with the former Reagan Budget Director, David Stockman who was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, this past Friday. He very directly stated that extending the tax cuts to the richest individuals in this country so they can continue to shop at Tiffany's is damaging. He was not in agreement in 2001 for these tax cuts and is not in agreement now. Stating that Barack Obama should find a veto pen is correct. The argument is and was winnable to extend unemployment benefits, create a tier 5 with the unemployment rate expanding, and allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. But, yet again, we have a White House which is always behind the 8 ball, not knowing how to frame a message and fight, and are a bunch of spineless politicians.

Many of us worked very hard for Barack Obama, but never imagined the continual caves. Sure, some will say they expected it but the majority did not. Fighting for basic democratic principles and moral obligations should not be difficult, but this White House makes it more difficult as the days pass on. And getting tough with Democrats is congress is laughable when you can't even get tough or call out the hypocritical Republicans.

So, in the end of this deal is no deal. We are not getting anything new on the table, but empowering the Republicans that they can punk this White House whenever they want to. And from the looks of it, the Republicans will continue to have it their way.

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