Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The US Navy after the Pirates? Guess, swashbuckling and Errol Flynn is not dead. (Video)

I mean, this is like a Hollywood movie. This shit still happens? Pirates? Pay offs? Surreal.

The American crew of a hijacked U.S.-flagged ship retook control of the vessel from Somali pirates Wednesday but the captain was still being held hostage in a lifeboat, according to crew members.

U.S. officials said an American warship and a half dozen other ships were headed to the scene.

Kevin Speers, a spokesman for Maersk Lines Limited, confirmed that the crew had the Maersk Alabama and were unharmed but the captain was being held by pirates off the cargo ship.

"They're on another boat," he said. He gave no other details.

The second in command, Shane Murphy of Seekonk, Massachusetts, called his wife at 10 a.m EDT and told her that pirates had taken over the ship before dawn local time, she said.

Murphy said that pirates then had taken away the captain and he was now in charge, Serena Murphy, 31, told The Associated Press from her front doorstep.

Shane Murphy's father, Capt. Joseph Murphy, an instructor at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, told the AP that he was called by the Department of Defense and told the crew, including his son Shane, had control of the ship back from the pirates. read more, here....

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