Friday, April 10, 2009

Arizona State University (ASU) backpedaling, now they MAY give President Obama the Honorary Degree

I mean, WTF is totally warranted here at ASU. How the hell can you invite a sitting president and the first African-American President of this country to give the commencement speech but say, "Sorry, ain't givin' you the honorary degree, you have not done enough." This school needs to be laughed at, as it is currently being laughed at all over the media.

I don't know who decided this, but this was one of the worst media moves, ever. Sorry, but you can't help but say, what constitutes body of work? Obama's accomplishments are stellar and got him where he is now. For Arizona State to say, basically, "you can come here and talk but not good enough for the degree" too much.

Now, damage control, because they need it.

Michael M. Crow, president of Arizona State University, tells POLITICO that the school is reconsidering its widely mocked plans not to give President Barack Obama an honorary degree when he speaks at commencement on May 13 and will “honor him in every way possible.”

“There was no intended slight,” Crow said by telephone from his office in Tempe. “We had not yet talked about what honors we might give him as our commencement speaker, and we still have a month to work all that out. We don’t want anyone to think we do not recognize what he has achieved and what he means in America.”

A formal decision has not been made, but it was clear from Crow's comments that the university is headed in that direction. ASU risked becoming a national punch line if it did not quickly retreat from its policy against conferring honorary degrees on a sitting politician.

Hell, yeah, Obama should get the honorary degree, this is a joke, a pure joke. This school was on its way to a lifetime of mockery, and I am being nice here. And the media is blasting this school and not in a good way.



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