Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rinse, Repeat, Rinse, Repeat

Watching morning joke or morning joe (Joe Scarborough) whine about everything Barack Obama does is a joke, in itself. Why do I watch as I get ready for the daily grind? Because we need to watch everything and listen to what is said.

Scarborough was attempting to argue John Ridley down, as soon as the video is available I will put it up later, about Barack Obama and the spending that is going on. Ridley was listening, but as Ridley repeatedly told Scarborough, we would not be in this position if it was not for George W. Bush.

Scarborough's rinse and repeat of Obama and his spending is the only thing he has to say. As Ridley pointed out, there are no more tax cuts available, that is all the Republicans have to offer. We have had everything cut to the bone for tax cuts by the Bush Administration and look where we are at? As Scarborough could not argue that, Ridley again pointed out, that Obama wanted to give the Republicans 400M in tax breaks for the stimulus bill, more than any president has ever given, again it was not good enough for the Republicans.

What Scarborough does not get is that as Obama has reached over to the Republicans in a bi-partisan way, more than any president, they rebuked him, it just was not good enough for them. I guess they have forgotten who actually won this election.

The Republicans are running around with a Pew Poll saying that Obama is the most divisive president ever (no one is listening or believe it), and Scarborough had the gall to quote an article by Karl Rove and his verbal garbage. Again, Scarborough the problem with quoting Rove is that the public understands he was one of the main divisive characters coming out of the Bush White House. What he says at this point carries no weight. As in, not the kind of weight the Republicans need to move people in the polling numbers.

Lastly, as Andrea Mitchell pointed out this morning to Scarborough during his whine and as he tried to pump the Pew Poll is this, the Republican brand or identifier as being Republican is the lowest it has ever been. Only 23% identify themselves as Republicans, which means the Independents and Democrats have Obama where he is at in the polling numbers. Suddenly, silence, not a peep or argument from Scarborough.

As I watched Ridley continue to ask Scarborough where is the Republican plan besides more tax breaks, not a peep or attempt to answer that question, because quite frankly, Scarborough can not. There is no plan. There is no ideas. There is nothing from the party of no, but rinse and repeat and hope something will stick.

As folks are reeling right now, saying Bush is not in office is not good enough. He is still there, we are dealing with his bad decisions for this country EVERY SINGLE DAY. We have not forgotten how we have got to this point in this country.

Now rinse and repeat that.

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