Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michael Steele still can not keep his mouth shut

From the mouth of Michael Steele, RNC Chairman:

“Could you help a brother out? No more national conventions with 36 people of color in the room,” Steele told fellow Republicans on Monday, according to the Miami Herald.

Well, the problem is not helping a brother out, the problem is the Republican Party's platform and policies.

The platform and policies of the Republican Party were rejected in November, and not by a slither of a margin but resounding.
Jim Greer, the state's party chairman, added that the party would focus on increasing its use of technology to invigorate a younger generation of the GOP.

''We will not praise President Obama,'' Greer said, ``but we will learn from him.''

Steele said he wants to refocus the Republican Party's core message.

''A lot of people are losing their jobs right now and losing their homes,'' he said. ``What does the Republican Party have to say about that? That's what the people of Florida are waiting to hear.''

He added: ``We're beginning to set up an argument between creating wealth and creating opportunities versus what we feel the administration is doing, which is redistributing wealth and suppressing opportunities and relying more on government solutions as opposed to small business solutions.''

We will not praise him but learn from him? How dumb of a statement is that? The issue is that the GOP thinks they can throw a black man or a hispanic man on the stage and all of a sudden it is ok. The GOP thinks that they need that minority face to change the face of its party, that is not the problem with the GOP. The problem is their constant side of pro-business, especially Wall Street. Their problem is that they don't care about public education, but touts "No Child Left Behind", but damn sure did not fund it under their watch. It is not Barack Obama that is a problem, which they believe the country has just fallen under his spell, it is that the Republican Party policies are shitty.

Leadership means something these days. The Republican Party had it and got lost by their own personal greed. The divide in this country of rich vs. poor is staggering. Wages have not kept up and those who were rich, got mega richer. This country under the past 8 years have been starved of the basics, because the Republican Party did not feel it was necessary.

If the Republican Party really want to turn around, start with your message and be real about it. Folks are hurting now, but you are silent. People are losing jobs at rapid rates, but you have nothing to say. Folks are being thrown out of their homes, but you don't have a plan. Until you can convince folks that you actually care about THEIR ISSUES, you will continue to be a moot point.


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