Saturday, April 11, 2009

The White House Easter Egg Roll

The Official Photo from the White House, signed by the President and First Lady:

Ah, it looks nice and sweet. Many of us have fond memories of our childhood Easter Egg Hunts. Growing up we had a huge backyard and every year we would dye and color our eggs for the hunt. My mother used to make her own coloring liquid and came up with come crazy colors, but it was my father who got up very early in the morning and would hide all the eggs in the backyard. We all had our baskets and ran around like crazy looking for eggs, my sister was the youngest and would cry because she could not find any eggs, but my father always saved her, picked her up and guided her to finding the eggs. Our German Shepard, Princess, even went out sniffing for the eggs. Ah, sweet memories....

Egg hunts are traditional as having a Christmas tree for many Americans. But for the White House, The Annual Easter Egg Roll is a big event for many. This year, the Easter Egg Roll is not just confined to those who have the priviledge of living in the Washington, D.C. area to participate, it was opened up for families to participate all over this country.

For the first time the ticketing bid went on line and families were selected through that metric. Of course, there were families, mostly in the D.C. area angered because they were used to standing in line to receive tickets, but opening it up on-line brings families to Washington, D.C. from all over the country.

Monday is the day of the Annual Easter Egg Roll and for all "annuals" there is history behind it. More details from East Wing Rules:

There is no doubt Executive Chef of the White House, Cristeta Comerford, could whip up lip-smacking egg rolls. Plenty of ingredients will be organically grown right on the South Lawn. But this pertains to the tradition of the annual White House Egg Roll with the meticulous planning the entire event entails. This is Mrs. Obama's first time at the helm of such a high powered East Wing choreographed event. First, she sends a sizzling shock to the DC area's local citizenry jolting their plans to sleep out at the Ellipse to corner an early place in line to guarantee admittance. Instead, the electrifying new first lady decided everybody would procure egg roll event tickets online from the comforts of their local coffeehouse or wifi in the laundry room at staggered times. Military families and some overlooked DC residents would have tickets set aside for them. It cracked open the entire process to garner participation from over 40 states and Canada.

Note to those still DC denizens still crackin on the infringement of their egg roll entitlements by outsiders - These tourists are bringing American dollars while staying overnight, inducing a wee boomlet in some nest eggs. Also, the White House is hosting a 2009 Spring Garden Tour encompassing the Rose garden, Jaqueline Kennedy Garden and the Children's Garden on April 18 & 19th. So for those who missed the line tango over eggs, have an opportunity to get in line at the Ellipse Visitor Pavillion as it is on a first come first served pending weather. read more here.....

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