Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama calls and congratulates UNC for winning the NCAA Tournament

.....and making him LOOK GOOD.....

President Obama, a well-documented basketball fan, didn’t wait until his plane touched down in Washington before calling North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams to congratulate him on the Tar Heels’ win over Michigan State in Monday night’s NCAA championship game.

Flying back from Baghdad, Obama called Williams from Air Force One to extend his congratulations and also thank the coach and his team for making the president look pretty darn hoop savvy.

Obama picked the Tar Heels to win the tournament in the much publicized bracket that he did with ESPN's Andy Katz.

"The President offered Coach Williams his congratulations and thanked him and his team for vindicating him in front of the entire country," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. "The President told him he’d done a great job and asked the Coach to tell the players how proud he was of them and that he looked forward to seeing them at the White House soon."


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