Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama to visit Indiana and Florida for stimulus push

This visit, coupled with a national news conference on Monday Night, 7PM/CST on all major channels, is all about pushing this stimulus package and making the American Public understand the sense of urgency to pass the stimulus bill.

President Barack Obama plans to participate in town hall-style meetings next week in two cities that have struggled amid the crumbling economy.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Friday said Obama plans to visit Elkhart, Ind., on Monday to tell residents what the roughly $900 billion stimulus plan would mean for them. Obama's original proposal was in the range of $800 billion, but the Senate's version has grown to more than $900 billion.

The president also plans a Tuesday trip to Fort Myers, Fla., to try to sell his economic recovery plan, which is being hashed over in Congress.

Indiana's Elkhart-Goshen region saw its unemployment rate soar to 15.3 percent in December.

In Florida's Fort Myers, unemployment has climbed to 10 percent.


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