Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama stands by Daschle for Secretary of Heath and Human Services (Video)

Even though Daschle is riddled with tax problems, which are now paid, Obama stands by him.

My take, Daschle will be confirmed, beaten up some, but confirmed. He is a typical Washington, DC type that has political friends that let him have the use of a car and driver for three years, and he (Daschle) thought nothing of it. Sure, many can question, "Well if he had that for three years, what does the political friend want in return?" Good question, because in political life you don't get something for nothing, but hey, as Daschle claims he was just a friend and loaned his services for three years to Daschle. Fair, he could be just a friend, but who is believing that.

The bottom line is this, of all people who understand what is required for these committees and how these committees scrutinized nominees, Daschle knows better. Again, what is with rich folk and not paying taxes? When we, average joes and joesettas, can't get the tax man off of us when we owe. Just sayin'.

Does Daschle needs to be confirmed? Yes. He is the pivot needed for getting health care reform passed. He understands the congress, knows health care, knows how the legislative process goes, and we, in the end, need him to be confirmed.


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