Monday, February 2, 2009

Keith Olbermann on Bank of America and their Bailout SPENDING (Video)

Obama said some banks won't make it. And he also indicated that if this (economy) is not turning around by year 3, he acknowledges that he will be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT. Again, the economy is in Obama's lap now, Bush is out of office and you can't beat a dead horse. This is now Obama's Watch.

A tip for the banks, y'all need to get a PR FIRM because you are losing on the spin tip. If you continue to spend like everyone in America got a JOB and SPENDING money, you will soon not get a dime from the government again. If you think the public is not paying attention or not angry, THINK AGAIN. Get a PR face because y'all need it. for real.

Bank of America Spends 10 Million on SuperBowl Party

Keith with Barney Franks hauling these bank executives to Capitol Hill

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