Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vanity Fair: The Obama Era Begins (Pictures)

We are off and running....The Cabinet

From left: TOM DASCHLE, secretary-designate of health and human services; ERIC SHINSEKI, secretary of veterans affairs; RAY LaHOOD, secretary of transportation; HILDA SOLIS, secretary-designate of labor; TOM VILSACK, secretary of agriculture; JANET NAPOLITANO, secretary of homeland security; TIMOTHY GEITHNER, secretary of treasury.

From left: ERIC HOLDER JR., attorney general; ARNE DUNCAN, secretary of education; SUSAN RICE, ambassador to the United Nations; STEVEN CHU, secretary of energy; KEN SALAZAR, secretary of the interior.

From left: SHAUN DONOVAN, secretary of housing and urban development; ROBERT GATES, secretary of defense; HILLARY CLINTON, secretary of state.

More Obama Team photos, here.

The story, here, Can Obama's New Team Make Government Cool Again?, by Maureen Orth and Can Desiree Rogers Make Washington Fun Again?

Below, Maureen Orth on morning joe talking about this piece.

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