Monday, February 2, 2009

Off Topic: Wow, Comcast interrupted the SuperBowl for, um, a little pornography

No shyte!!

I had to post this because I am screaming with laughter. I am not a Comcast fan, in fact in the Chicagoland area there have been quite a few rapes, beatings from those posing as Comcast installers. But I don't care for Comcast because, well for me, they suck. What do I have? DirecTv, but that is another story I can write. Now for Comcast and the folks in Tuscon, Arizona:

Comcast believes the pornography that interrupted its feed of the Super Bowl Sunday night was the result of foul play, a company spokeswoman said Monday morning.

“Our initial investigation suggests this was an isolated malicious act,” spokeswoman Kelle Maslyn said in a statement emailed to the Star. “We are mortified by last evening’s Super Bowl interruption and we apologize to our customers. We are conducting a thorough investigation to determine how this happened.”

Now this happened towards the end of the game, which would have pissed me off because the game went to the wire.
The pornography clip was from Club Jenna, an adult cable television channel.

The Arizona Daily Star newsroom was flooded with calls from irate viewers who said that the porn cut into the game with less than three minutes left to play, just after Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald scored on a touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to put the team in the lead.

Callers said that the clip showed a woman unzipping a man’s pants, followed by a graphic act between the two.

Sorry, Comcast would owe me free cable for a YEAR. With children watching the SuperBowl and interrupted by all THAT!! Comcast would owe me cable for a year, that is disgusting.


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