Friday, May 30, 2008

It is Over, Let the General Election Begin.

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For Clinton reality is harsh and brutal, but even more so for her supporters. Unfortunately, this is a Washington Post reporter who is not only frank but brutal. This is a reporter, who just ran it down about resources and why they are not being allocated to the “green party.” And if anyone has been paying attention, the press has scaled back huge on Hillary Clinton, when you lose the press that is a message that you are done.

But as many of us have stated, the game changer was supposed to be the Indiana/North Carolina primaries. And what happened is that Obama came off of some of the most terrible news coverage combined with the still Reverend Wright fiasco, to the bitter comments, but was able to win North Carolina by 15 points and almost upset Clinton’s applecart with her winning by less than 1 percent in Indiana.

That was the chance to make any headway for Clinton, to win North Carolina or come in very close and blow Barack out in Indiana. It did not happen. So, now the superdelegates have moved on past the primaries and are now focused on the general election.

I've spent the past several months talking to as many super-delegates as any reporter in America, I'd guess, since I cover on a day-to-day basis about 280 of them here on Capitol Hill.

I hate saying this, because all the Clinton people are going to flip out and say, You're biased, you're biased, you're biased. So go ahead and flip out if you want, but the simple basic truth is that the super-delegates stopped paying attention to the Clinton-Obama race about a couple days after the Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

They've stopped paying attention to the primary, and instead they're focused on an Obama-McCain matchup in November. That's the basic, simple, definitive reality that has happened in this race. The "undecided" super-delegates at this moment are not going to "decide" any time soon, because to them the race is over, they're just waiting for Clinton to drop out.


But that is the reality here. Yes, we have to deal with more pastor problems from the Obama Campaign. It also means all these so-called “left wing, progressive blogosphere websites” must make a decision. They either stand with Obama, or go to McCain. Simple as that. And yes, that means Armando over at Talk Left, who was/is pushing the Father Plfeger comments at Trinity United. I guess he thinks or assumes this will make a difference with superdelegates, but it won’t.

Let me be clear here. Barack Obama has nothing to do with what Father Plfeger had to say at TUCC, nothing what so ever. In fact, he was in Connecticut giving the Wesleyan University Commencement Address. And he must not and cannot be a target for guilt by association for everything someone has to say. IF that is the case Hillary has a lot to explain for all the indicted fundraisers or associates with her campaign, as well as McCain who is firing someone with deep lobbyist ties on a daily basis.

The stunt Armando unleashed at Talk Left, I expect from the GOP, but not when we have a presumptive nominee here. It is over for Hillary Clinton and let me be even more harsh, after her RFK stunt, yes a stunt because the Clintons don’t do anything without measuring the political impact, she totally disqualified herself from the VP process and left a cold, hard reality to democrats.

Sure, she may not have meant it, but you don’t put assassination in your speak unless you meant something, or was insinuating or implying something. That is the problem with her.

So, these so called “progressive websites” must make a decision. You either get behind the nominee, which is going to be Barack Obama, or join the right and destroy him. That is on them. But come to the reality, on both sides that this is over after Tuesday, period.

And won’t peace be grand, if only for a temporary moment?