Monday, May 26, 2008

FOXNEWS Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated

short version

long version

This is no laughing matter. After Hillary Clinton's insinuation, this is serious. Contact FOXNEWS for their irresponsible journalistic responsibility and then boycott their advertisers.

All the information is here. Get Busy.

[UPDATE]: Journalist, Liz Trotta, who made that awful remark on "offing Obama" apologizes, sort of. This has started a storm. Well, Hillary was the first to incorporate "assassination". Again, get busy on FOXNEWS, information above.

[UPDATE 2]: A direct link to file a complaint to the FCC, here. Get Busy.


Anonymous said...

THAT was an apology????? in my field we'd call that "incongruency" ... words of apology with a smirking affect that was anything but apologetic...