Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John McCain, George W. Bush: Two Peas in a Pod

bush, mccain after private fundraiser

McCain don't want to be seen with Bush. Can you blame him? The Bush Brand has dragged the Republican Party into the dirt. What politician would want a president with the worst approval ratings, hanging around? So, McCain took this photo quick and told Bush "good-bye" in a hurry. I don't blame him, I would take the money and run, TOO!!

When President Bush ventured here for a private fundraiser with John McCain on Tuesday night, his first real campaign appearance with the presumptive GOP nominee, the event was closed to the news media and their only joint public appearance was a photo op on the airport tarmac that lasted less than a minute.

The same ground rules will cover Bush's trip to Utah on Wednesday, where he will appear with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney to woo big-money Republican donors to McCain's cause.