Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama Banking Supers?

There have been rumors running amuck about Obama and his superdelegates.

Many have stated, "Why won't they come out and endorse and end this?"

Question is valid, but we must remember many of these superdelegates are elected officials and as MSNBC/NBC always says, "are weasels." They don't want to be part of this process, but they have no choice at this point. Video below:

As Al G, from The Field reported, there are about 40 California delegates in the wing, now Marc Ambinder from The Atlantic is reporting something similar too:

In June of 1984, the day after California handed Gary Hart a last-minute victory and New Jersey, thanks to Hart's having insulted the state, voted for Walter Mondale by 15 points, Tad Devine, Mondale's chief superdelegate counter, was ready. Worried that Mondale would not meet his pledge to end the primary season with a majority of delegates, Devine and his team made a "frantic" series of phone calls to undeclared party leaders; by noon, a few dozen superdelegates endorsed Mondale en masse, taking the wind of out Hart's campaign forever.

Walter Mondale's superdelegate counter made sure that he had the pledges to end Gary Hart's aspirations, so look to see Obama ripping this play from the Mondale playbook.
To prepare for that eventuality, the Obama campaign has, for the first time, really, begun to bank delegates. Sources close to the campaign estimate that as many as three dozen Democratic superdelegates have privately pledged to announce their support for Obama on June 4 or 5. The campaign is determined that Obama not end the first week in June without securing the support of delegates numbering 2026 -- or 2210, as the case may be.

The DNC Rules & By Laws Committee Meeting (scheduled for Saturday, being monitored LIVE on MSNBC) is Clinton's last stand for her faux support of seating Michigan and Florida delegates. If this meeting is a catastrophe, expect the supers to end this after the last primaries on June 3, 2008. This feels right to me. And can I write, about 'effin' time.

Lastly, Tim Russert, moderator for MEET THE PRESS says it all here, and available on youtube here:


The Dol said...

I already bought three dozen cheap champagne flutes at Target in anticipation of early June. :-) Honestly, it's going to be hard to believe that it's actually over and that we're really moving on to the General. It can't come soon enough.