Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama on the “Positive Money Tip”

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barack addressing the media on his plane


You know you have hit a jackpot when the FEC can not process all the contributions to the Obama Campaign.

Yes, you have read it correctly. They can’t keep up!! That is the computers can not keep up.

A milestone of sorts was reached earlier this year, when Obama, the Illinois senator whose revolutionary online fundraising has overwhelmed Clinton, filed an electronic fundraising report so large it could not be processed by popular basic spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel 2003 and Lotus 1-2-3.

Those programs can’t download data files with more than 65,536 rows or 256 columns.

Wow, the programs can not keep up with these downloaded files.

And while Obama is a constant cash register at the FEC, poor John McCain is no worry for the FEC.

In a revealing insight into the significant fundraising disparity between the two Democrats and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, it is still possible to download his reports with plain-old Excel.

I am not a “money guru”, nor do I care to comb through FEC filings, but if Barack Obama is a cash register nightmare for the FEC, they definitely need to work on more tools for the web to get the information out there with more expediency.
As the commission has added tools for sorting data, he wrote “it has become increasingly hard to keep track of all of the material that's available and how to navigate through it - getting exactly the answer you were looking for and also pointers to other relevant (information). So, my new job will be to fix all of that - pull everything together, make the navigation straightforward, provide historical context, take advantage of new Web applications.”

So, while the FEC is busy scratching their heads, there is still much for us to do.

The primary season is almost over, THANK GOD, and Barack will be the official presumptive democratic nominee soon. While he is still fighting through these waters, we must not sit on our laurels.

This campaign is shifting to the General Election Mode. Meaning, your hometown state will need all the help it can get to win in November. There is still much to do.

kid oakland had/has a great diary on the recommended list. If you missed it, read it here. Get involved.

Money is always needed. To some, it seems like we are wasting money for these primaries. Point taken, but in the end, we will have built infrastructure in all 50 states for November. That is great and has revitalized the local dems into action. Money is always needed. Any money given, if you are maxed for the primary goes to Barack's general election fund. No dollar is squandered or wasted, we can thank our campaign manager, David Plouffe for keeping his eye on the ball from the start. Donate here.

Need information? The Obama Wikia is coming on strong. Come and help it our.

And for many who get discouraged, down in the dumps, remember "Yes.We.Can."

Lastly, today is not a day of just sitting around drinking a brew or chomping down on some ribs, it is a day of remembrance of our fallen soilders. Remember those who are not with us any longer and those still in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. We want them all home soon.

p.s.....must read diary by Al Rodgers with great photos, here.