Friday, August 8, 2008

New Ohio "Hard Hitting" Radio Ad Against McCain and DHL Dealings

This is about DHL Express lobbying McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis in the loss of this hub resulting in over 8,000 jobs.

When Republican presidential candidate John McCain meets Thursday with citizens and officials in Wilmington, Ohio, he won't need a playbook to understand why they're worried about deep job losses at the local freight airport.

Little known to those citizens, McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis, played roles in the fate of DHL Express and its Ohio air park as far back as 2003. Back then, however, their actions that helped DHL and its German owner, Deutsche Post World Net, acquire the Wilmington operations resulted in expansion, not retraction. continue

This radio ad is hard hitting. Again, watch Ohio. This state has been hit hard with job loss.

Listen to the ad, here.

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