Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Clinton Playbook Magnified.


I am not going to go over the primary, because we all saw that show.

Many of us with dropped mouths, literally, and questioned, "Are we in the right party?"

It was a hard pill, one many did not want to swallow, but we saw race interjected in the primaries and the results was ugly.

It is easy to comment, "Don't bring it up. Let it go. Don't magnify it." Well, we don't have to because The John McCain Campaign has already started to magnify it, themselves.

If we want to be honest about this whole situation, we need to be honest with ourselves. The only way that John McCain has a chance to win is to divide the electorate. To divide the electorate is by race.

Now let me be clear. The GOP ain't shit. Period. Look at their positions and what they allowed to happen to this country, under their watch. The Republican Party gave George W. Bush and Posse carte blanche to do what the hell they wanted. They were not experienced, prepared, educated or had enough common sense to stop the road they were on. They just thought that they could continue and not get caught. Well, this party has been caught, repeatedly, and the Republican Brand has suffered for it. This is our year, but we need to be real here. This is going to get ugly and we need to be ready.

The Republican Party's only recourse is to go the dark side. To allow the ugly head of racism to creep into our national dialogue, which is being magnified by the cable news desk clerks. Yep, McCain has sold his soul for a chance at the presidency and the only way that it can be won is by dividing this electorate on race.

They are playing the Clinton Playbook and will magnify it.

Instead, Mr. Obama has watched Senator John McCain pick up central strands of Mrs. Clinton’s approach, and amplify them. In exaggerated form, Mr. McCain, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, has adopted her attitude toward Mr. Obama’s emergence (disdain), employed the same core argument against him (unproven and risky) and singled out his lingering electoral vulnerabilities (older voters, Rust Belt whites) in a contest where the Democrat’s race forms the backdrop.

This is what is going on. They have studied it and know that this is the only recourse in winning the White House in November. They are copying Clinton's Campaign to the letter.
Mrs. Clinton assailed Mr. Obama as a novice offering “just words,” questioned his ability to respond to a wee-hours national security crisis and threw down shots in a bar to court white working-class voters. She embraced a gas-tax “holiday,” derided by energy experts and editorialists, in arguing that she better understood the travails of ordinary Americans.

The McCain Campaign is throwing the kitchen sink attack at Obama. They need to do it now versus later. The only issue is that folks are still not focused on politics during the summer. All you have to do is ask your co-workers and many are not paying attention. They are doing summer stuff, family stuff, so this noise is out there but is not zoned into, yet.

The Obama Campaign must respond. They don't have to go negative, but they must be hard hitting with facts and I don't mean a press release. This cannot linger and move into the fall.

Now is not the time to be angry at Hillary. The primaries are over. It is her time, to come out FULL FORCE against McCain. Her job now is to help fix this. It is. Whether we like it or not. She must become Obama's number one surrogate and the Obama Campaign got to let her do this.

I have been around nastiness in politics. I worked the Harold Washington Campaign in Chicago, as a teen with my precinct mother. I know what race baiting, racial dividing politics look like. But I do know this, if you stand up and stick with your candidate, you can win. The candidate must flex his muscle and PROVE that he is more equipped for the job and PROVE why his opponent is not.

That is what the Obama Campaign, must do. And it needs to start now, with the simple equation of JedReport:

McCain=Bush=Status Quo

Continue to rinse and repeat.

Sorry, I would trust the electorate on "voting for the right person", but after electing Bush to two terms on "spin", this needs to be nailed completely to the electorate's heads.

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