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Late Morning Break...Another Obama Ad...Michelle's Ebony Cover....

obama serving press corp birthday cake, yesterday


national priority

Playing in national rotation.

Again, slam McCain with fact. Paris and Brittney will only get you, so far.


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Race-card flap reopens Clinton camp wounds

I watched Anderson Cooper 360 last night and Roland Martin was on the panel with Carl Bernstein and Ed Rollins.

As the discussion got to Hillary Clinton being the VP pick, Martin stated that from speaking with top Obama officials, "it ain't happening". But the most interesting thing he stated was the Black Community's anger at Bill Clinton and Hillary for injecting race in the primaries.

Then the ABC interview and Bill Clinton whining he is not a racist. The real anger is Bill Clinton's "still disbelief" that the Black Community turned on him.

Hillary wanted to fore go South Carolina, which would have been smart politically, just as she wanted to side-step Iowa, which would have been politically smart but for South Carolina Bill Clinton stepped all over Hillary's message and campaign.

He just can't seem to understand what he did. It is like this, people go to see a play or musical, during the intermission everyone is talking about the play or musical so far, if you walk through and listen you will find everyone's interpretation different. This is what happened in the primaries. For whatever reason, the Clintons thought the Black Community was either not paying attention or listening, but they were doing both. What they witnessed from her surrogates and the Clintons, they did not like. And to continue to blame the Obama Campaign is crazy. Obama gets NOTHING out of any discussion of race, as we have witnessed in polling and which is why McCain is using this tactic. So, this blame is one the Clintons need to look at on themselves and really ask this community what they did, for that they would get a real eye opener.

Thus, they abandoned the Clintons. This is the group through the Monica Lewinsky tawdry affair, stood behind Bill Clinton and kept his polling numbers UP. That is a fact.

So, as Roland Martin stated, as long as Bill Clinton is still running around, chomping at the bit, whining, can't stay on message, Hillary Clinton will never be Vice-President and after this primary season, I say, President ever.

Read it all, here.

and chuck todd of msnbc/nbc talks about the divide of the Clintons and Obama




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