Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Morning Break....Obama in Indiana...Continued Economy Woes

obama arrives in south bend, indiana, last night


New Obama Ad, out late yesterday


Heckler in Ohio, Praised by Obama

Watch the video below, then read here the whole deal. The heckler had a press pass, which is being questioned how he got it. Eventually, his name and information will come out. It always does.

The whole deal is that he was trying or attempting to make a big deal out of the Obama Campaign not saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He runs, on and on and on....

Barack agreed with the heckler and was smooth as a baby's bottom, here:

Anyway, Obama got out of that one. He was smooth as silk. Obama explained that they always have invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. In campaigns, hey sometimes things get lost and for this instance, it was the pledge. This could have been another righty talking point that he just shut DOWN.


Obama Family in Essence

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When you are old and try to perceive that you are a change candidate....

why pick on Paris Hilton?

She totally assimilated McCain in her response to his ad about Obama, which he incorporated her and Brittney Spears.

The ad called him old, repeatedly and she called him that "wrinkly, white haired guy".

McCain give it UP. Don't bring these youngun's in this!!! They can put an ad out on youtube quicker than you can say, "I know how to google, now!!!" And for the record, Paris' ad by today is will be over 1M viewed, and it was put out there, yesterday afternoon!!

Lastly, now you have the media talking about "old man McCain", not good dude.

Here is Paris' ad if you missed it.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


In Obama Campaign, Big Donors Are a Major Force
In an effort to cast himself as independent of the influence of money on politics, Senator Barack Obama often highlights the campaign contributions of $200 or less that have amounted to fully half of the $340 million he has collected so far.

But records show that one-third of his record-breaking haul has come from donations of $1,000 or more: a total of $112 million, more than Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama’s Republican rival, or Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, his opponent in the Democratic primaries, raised in contributions of that size.

Behind those larger donations is a phalanx of more than 500 Obama “bundlers,” fund-raisers who have each collected contributions totaling $50,000 or more. Many of the bundlers come from industries with critical interests in Washington. Nearly three dozen of the bundlers have raised more than $500,000 each, including more than a half-dozen who have passed the $1 million mark and one or two who have exceeded $2 million, according to interviews with fund-raisers. continue


And there is a reason for bailing out Freddie Mac, 820M worth
Freddie Mac, the nation’s second-largest mortgage finance giant, reported its fourth consecutive quarterly loss on Wednesday and said it would cut its dividend as it struggled through a housing crisis that had cost Wall Street tens of billions of dollars so far.

The company revealed $2.5 billion in credit losses associated with increased delinquency and foreclosure rates, and said the value of its portfolio of mortgage-backed securities had declined by $1 billion.

Freddie Mac reiterated that it would raise at least $5.5 billion from investors. The company has been under pressure from regulators and federal officials to raise additional money but as the share price has declined, the cost of raising the funds has skyrocketed.

In the second quarter, Freddie Mac lost $821 million, compared with a profit of $729 million in the period a year earlier. Over the past year, the company has lost more than $4.6 billion. The quarter’s loss of $1.63 a share exceeded analysts’ estimates of a loss of 41 cents a share, according to Thomson Reuters. continue

DNC launches 'ExxonMcCain '08'

Obama stalls in public they say..............

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters...............

Evening Wrap Up, here..........

Indiana pictures will be up later, as they come in.

and the vp showdown, or potential vp showdown, bayh and crist

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