Monday, June 2, 2008

Train is MOVING......

Official, Congressman James Clyburn (D-SD) is endorsing Barack Obama.


June 6, 2006, all 28 Democratic Governors are going to Chicago to meet with Barack Obama for general election strategy. Per MSNBC, Hardball.


Movement by 34 congresspersons to endorse Barack Obama by the end of results coming in from SD and MT. Per MSNBC, Hardball.


Clinton Summons Top Donors, Supporters For Major Tuesday Speech.

Obama and Clinton spoke Sunday night and agreed that their staffs should begin negotiations over post-primary activities, according to reliable sources. In addition to seeking Obama's help in raising money to pay off some $20 million-plus in debts, Clinton is known to want Obama to assist black officials who endorsed her and who are now taking constituent heat, including, in some cases, primary challenges from pro-Obama politicians.

"This has never happened before," one donor said, referring to the personalized request by email to attend the event in New York Tuesday night.


Clinton Campaign Staffers Urged to Turn in Expense Sheets.


Clinton Coming to Terms it is Over...

Obama, confident of victory, looked ahead to the general election by campaigning in Michigan, a likely battleground state in the fall campaign.

He said that when he called Clinton on Sunday to congratulate her on her Puerto Rico primary victory, he broached the topic of a meeting.

"The sooner we can bring the party together, the sooner we can focus on John McCain and taking back the White House," he said.

Obama stopped short of a flat prediction that he would be able to claim victory Tuesday night when the delegates were allocated after the day's primaries. But he said, "It is my sense that between Tuesday and Wednesday we have a good chance of getting that number of delegates" needed for victory.

Obama arranged a Tuesday night speech in Minnesota, at the site of the Republican National Convention that will nominate Arizona Sen. McCain in September.

Democratic Party leaders watched from the sidelines, eager for a quick end to a race that drew record millions to voting booths but also exposed racial and other divisions.


Uncommitted Senators coming onboard for Obama by as early tomorrow or by Wednesday, the latest.


Advance Clinton Staffers being recalled to NYC:

The advance staffers — most of them now in Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana — are being given the options of going to New York for a final day Tuesday, or going home, the aides said. The move is a sign that the campaign is beginning to shed — at least — some of its staff. The advance staff is responsible for arranging the candidate's events around the country.


Bill Hints it is over:


And Team Clinton at her mansion in NY tonight:

Her angry defenders were chanting "Denver!" on Saturday, but Hillary Rodham Clinton is headed to Chappaqua late tonight for a somber and potentially momentous homecoming.

Clinton will huddle with advisers and husband Bill Clinton at her mansion tomorrow, according to people familiar with her plans. She will monitor results from the final 2008 primaries in South Dakota and Montana and decide whether, how and when she will end her campaign as Barack Obama nears the nomination threshold.


Hillary want Obama to help with her debt, or bring back the 11.5M Clinton money back to Clinton Coffers....


Well, the movement is real. My take is this, I think many from the DNC and uncommitted superdelegtes watched Saturday's meeting and heard the veil threat from Harold Ickes on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

That moved them to end this and no fighting in Denver. Hillary ,if reported, is doing the right thing. Time for her to take some time off and campaign in EARNEST for Barack Obama through the General Election.

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