Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kossacks for Obama, Wake Up Time

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It was a wonderful night, last night, yesterday, but it is OVER.

The General Election has started, but we still have a hanging chad or albatross, per se, and it is what does Hillary Clinton want?


I am proud today, totally proud. All of us are. We have went through an improbable journey with Barack and Michelle Obama. We worked our asses off, yes we did, and many for the first time ever.

Now it is general election time, but it is not over.

Hillary Clinton has decided not to move, just yet, as in conceding. For me, her speech last night was one of spoiled fruit, and I am being kind. This was her decision not to leave the national stage, because she feels that she is entitled to something, of what I don’t know, but something. That is on her.

The Vice Presidential position is nothing to barter, pull the slot machine for, or roll the dice. This position is an invitation by the Democratic Nominee, not one to hijack. This may be something that Hillary Clinton is trying to do, if so, she may be approaching this with peril.

There is a media push to force Barack Obama to put Hillary Clinton on his ticket. Most of this is by the Clinton surrogates, many members of congress. No nominee should be pressured to put someone on the ticket because they came in second place, just as no candidate should supposedly threaten constituents if they are not asked.

It is time for Kossacks to write diaries and push back this meme. Not because I don’t want Clinton on the ticket, personally I don’t, but it is Barack Obama’s choice, not my choice or your choice. I trust him to invite someone to share his ticket because of his judgment and because that person would be in synch with his vision of what he intend to do as president along with trust.

I have never witnessed or remember a candidate, as Hillary Clinton, who possibly intends to hijack potential constituents to use as political leverage for a way to get on a national ticket. I understand politics, but this goes to the gutter here. Nor, have I heard of surrogates (i.e. Lanny Davis, Bob Johnson) starting a website to petition Obama to force Clinton on a ticket, as the Vice Presidential nominee.

Barack Obama won this contest, fair and square, period. Trying to intimidate and force his hand on what he should or should not do is not only destructive but dangerous. The reason many have backed Barack Obama is not because of his message of change, but because we believe in his overall judgment.

Enough of this “Clinton should be on the ticket”, the following only matters; if she and Bill can pass the rigorous vetting test, if she brings something to the ticket, if she is polled as an asset, if she can control her husband, if she can do what she is told as a Vice Presidential nominee, and if she can understand that this position is not a “co-presidency”, then sure she should be considered. If she cannot and will not follow the guidelines above, then she needs to move on and with haste.

Barack Obama is not going to pick or be forced to pick any Vice Presidential candidate any time soon. The longer Clinton languishes out there ungraciously, the longer she will be reverted to look like a candidate who has a sour grape syndrome.

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