Sunday, June 1, 2008

Evening Wrapup...just stuff....

Obama does not win Puerto Rico, the turnout was low and this could end the Clinton popular vote theory. In the end, it does not matter, see what Chuck Todd from NBC/MSNBC has to say on the math:

Again, Obama loses the church, but he keeps the faith. That is without sayin'.

Al G over @ The Field writes about Transitioning Out of the Pre-Season

A MUST READ on Hillary Clinton's cherry-picked analysis of the "popular vote" meme. Expect all her surrogates on television the next 48 hours hyping her faux win of her popular vote theory. (roll eyes here)

Get ready for some more, potential B.S., The Michelle Tape. This has been rumored for months now, I don't find any credence in this, that saying, heads up.

...and a reminder of what November is about....

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