Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Afternoon Delight....

Obama is the WORD, around the world


John McCain is requesting town hall meetings around the country with Barack Obama. Yes, just like he said Obama should go to Iraq with him. My answer to this request, NO.

There are several reasons for this request by the good senator from Arizona. Let me explain a few.

One. John McCain has not mastered the AUDIO/VIDEO/YOUTUBE world. Just look and listen to Barack's speech and McCain's speech from last night. It is night and day. Barack's inspirational, futuristic, and visionary. McCain's old, tired, uninspired of a feeble man. A drastic difference in delivery and believability, period.

Two. This is about money. About Barack having it and McCain not. John McCain does not have the money to go around the country or globe, as Obama does, so what do you do next to cut this down? Ask for town hall meetings, specified meetings for specified places. Also, while doing this, McCain gets some very wanted publicity, media.

Three. John McCain wants to discredit Barack Obama. He want to have an early jaunt to legitimately paint him as naive, too young, not ready, ill informed. Why? Well, thank Hillary Clinton for that. Hillary when she found out that she was losing ground what was the first thing she cried out, "DEBATE!!!" And what did Barack do? He agreed to some. McCain is trying to press Obama into these early town hall meetings, hope to have an opportunity to discredit Obama, as he saw Clinton do in some of those primary debates. He believes if pressed enough, that Obama will cave.

Guess what? They will not. Or I hope the Obama Campaign will not.

There is nothing to garner or gain for this format. Barack Obama is the 'Presumptive' Democratic Nominee, once the threshold is crossed to 'Democratic Nominee' then the Presidential Debate Committee step in. Until then, Obama can have town hall meetings, on his own, meeting and connecting to voters.

He does not need any help from the John McCain Campaign. However, the Obama Campaign may be chewing on this idea.


Obama's Historic Journey Begins


Per MSNBC, Obama has tapped Caroline Kennedy to be one of three on a team for the Vice Presidential Nominee search.


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, questions the Obama-Clinton Ticket. Read it here.


Bill Clinton is out of his mind.

Among the party leaders Mr. Clinton alienated over time by his angry tirades was South Carolina's Rep. Jim Clyburn, the third-ranking House leader and a civil-rights-movement veteran.

Before South Carolina's primary, Mr. Clyburn admonished Sen. Clinton for suggesting President Johnson deserved more credit than Martin Luther King Jr. for civil-rights laws. On primary night, Mr. Clinton called Mr. Clyburn and they spoke for 50 minutes. "Let's just say it wasn't pleasant," Mr. Clyburn says.

Mr. Clinton called Mr. Clyburn an expletive, say Democrats familiar with the exchange. Mr. Clyburn's office would confirm only that the former president used "offensive" words. Some day soon, the congressman says, he'll write about the incident. On Tuesday, he endorsed Mr. Obama for president.

That is one book, I will buy.

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