Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton willing to be Obama's Running Mate.

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This is what she has wanted all along.

Hillary Clinton, is a HOT MESS.


Folks, Obama is not communicating with her.

Thus, the "I am not conceding, yet, though I know I don't have the delegates to continue."

Putting Hillary and Bill Clinton on the ticket is a damn nightmare.


Read the Vanity Fair article, yet?

Well, read it. It opens up many questions, which many are already wondering about the Clinton's business dealings.

Next, what candidate want a former president breathing down your neck trying to tell you how to govern?

Sorry, Hillary and Bill had their time in the White House, it really is time for them to move along and support Barack.

If they don't, then Hillary and Bill will become lepers in the Democratic Party, simple as that.

This election is about change, period. WE are gleeful and crying a sigh of relief that Obama clinches this tonight. What we don't need is continued strife of a former first lady and her president husband hanging on with all their baggage.

Barack Obama is his own man. If Hillary Clinton has not learned anything it is this, Obama will not bend.

As we see, he is not bending now. For Clinton to put that out there in the open, is nothing but desperate measures to undercut this nomination process.

Finally, this is about changing a narrative of "Hillary Out" to "Hillary a Strong VP Candidate." sigh


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bonsai said...

She's WILLING to be a VP?

Awww...that's sweet! And so big of her!


Close the door, throw the latch, and stack the bureau and desk in front of it. Then tie the sheets together, shimmy out of the window and down to the ground, and RUN...run back to RealityLand.

Increasingly of late, it seems to me that she might not just be an extraordinarily ambitious politician. She actually might have some form of mental illness.

Keep breathing...the supers have yet to speak en masse.

Anonymous said...

Be afraid, be VERY afraid...

Clinton has thrown sniper attacks and grenades at Obama throughout this campaign. The most unforgiveable, though, was her comment that she is staying in the race "in case something happens to Obama," or words to that effect. Worse, she mentioned the "assassination" comment which was inappropriate and had nothing to do with her campaign.

If she were Obama's VP, I would seriously worry that she was hanging around in the event something bad happened to him and left her in the glorious position of president.

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Obama has no use for Clinton...and neither do we.

Anonymous said...

I believe Obama's only chance (and that is a slim very slim one) to win is to have Hillary on the ticket. White americans will not vote for him even if it is in their best interest. Face it America the baggage of our history - RACE - which has never been discuss seriously in public, educational, or any other forums is the cancer hanging over our heads.

icebergslim said...

Bill Clinton has too much baggage. The Clintons need to be heavily vetted. I have no problem if Obama picks her, but if some shit comes out about BC and his "personal or business dealings" to distract the ticket, NO WAY.

For me, the Clintons don't pass the smell test.