Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White House protecting Desiree Rogers on her LACK of understanding her job (Video)

Desiree Rogers, Social Secretary has been under much warranted scrutiny for the Virginia couple who got into the State Dinner, uninvited. Obviously, the proper protocol was not followed by her office to verify guests on the list, along with the Secret Service. It is all broken down, here.

On Hardball with Chris Matthews today, Congressman Bennie Thompson was questioned by Matthews on why this embarrassment is just being thrown on the Secret Service when two persons from the East Wing was TOLD that these individuals was not on the list and they did NOTHING. Rogers was even quick to state, "We were not at the door", like that is supposed to EXCUSE her office for not doing their job, when they WERE supposed to be at all doors verifying the list.

So, the representative to EXPLAIN Ms. Rogers confusion of not doing her job to congress is none other than, Melody Barnes. Ms. Barnes is the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, for the President of the United States. She has NOTHING to do with the East Wing, or Desiree Rogers job.

It is clear the White House want to move on past this, I certainly do, but Desiree Rogers clearly did not follow proper protocol on verifying individuals coming into the White House. I am on this because Barack Obama is the only sitting President with over 400% death threats against him. Folks, that is a record and Rogers is busy walking down the red carpet, being seen on television, getting up close to the powerful and famous, while neglecting her primary job.

Rogers has made Michelle Obama's office look inefficient and she needs to resign.

From Hardball:

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