Thursday, December 3, 2009

Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers still getting slammed (Video)

The White House still protecting her. Yes, she falls under the West Wing, but after her major snafu of not doing her job for the State Dinner which resulted with the uninvited guests who actually PUNKED the White House, just how long will she go on in her position. She is a MAJOR embarrassment to the White House. I am on this because she clearly did not have the list together, 2 people from her office was TOLD that these people was not on the list, and all she cares about is being SEEN. I have NEVER witnessed a Social Secretary acting like she is the focal point over the persons who live in the White House. Again, Obamas, I know she is your friend, but one who obviously does not understand what her position and job is. Clean it up. Watch video below, 1/2 way into it.

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