Thursday, December 3, 2009

Valerie Jarrett explaining away Desiree Rogers (Video)

Desiree Rogers assigned herself as a "guest" and not a "staffer", at the State Dinner? The White House wants this to go away, but when you have the Social Secretary acting in this manner and we have a President who has the most death threats of any sitting President, somebody needs to be FIRED over this. Oh, Rogers gets executive privilege, that is why she is not testifying in front of congress today. Good interview by Meredith Viera of The Today Show.


But Rogers' style and glamour are a double-edged sword, one that might have drawn a little political blood over the past few days after the gate-crasher snafu.

Other social secretaries have stood on the steps to greet guests as they enter the White House for state dinners; it's considered an extension of the first lady's hospitality, since she can't be there at the moment herself. Instead of greeting guests, Rogers functioned as one: she walked the press line, posed for photos and became fodder for the chattering classes by sticking out from the formal versions of Ann Taylor-wear normally seen at state occasions by coming to dinner in cutting-edge Japanese couture.

Some have even suggested that Rogers step down, since she can't contain her own ego needs to serve the first lady. That probably won't happen. For one thing, she has a powerful protector and loyal friend in Obama mentor Valerie Jarrett. For another, Michelle Obama values Rogers' style and savvy; the first lady clearly feels her social secretary has her back when it counts, regardless of what she's wearing.

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