Thursday, December 3, 2009

More and More Americans are not feeling Afghanistan

This is not surprising. Why? We are going into year nine of these wars. Again, nothing to show for it, but we can all of a sudden afford it and can't even give decent health care to our own citizens? President Obama, I really hope you find Obama bin Laden, because this is a major hit in the polls and hardens many feelings.

Just as President Obama has outlined his broad strategy for Afghanistan and is pushing ahead with other global initiatives, the percentage of Americans who believe the U.S. should mind its own business and let other countries get along on their own has reached an all-time high, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center and the Council on Foreign Relations conducted Oct. 28 - Nov. 8.

The Pew survey found 49 percent of Americans holding that view. The previous highs were 41 percent in both 1995 and 1976. Forty-four percent in the poll disagreed.

Those who believe the U.S. should go its own way and not worry about whether other countries agree reached 44 percent , which was the highest number since 1995, when 34 percent took that position. Still, 51 percent disagreed with that point of view.

While a solid majority believes the initial decision to use force in Afghanistan was the correct one, 40 percent want to see U.S. troops decreased, 32 percent support an increase, and 19 percent said troop levels should stay the same. Eight percent were undecided. Fifty-seven percent believe the U.S. military effort is not going well, while 36 percent say it is going fairly or very well.

Pew says these numbers show that "isolationism and unilateralism have reached four-decade highs among the public." read more here...

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