Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rebooting Afghanistan

Well, this speech should have been titled "A speech for Pakistan".

It was a good speech, but just looking at the faces of that crowd only one word comes to my mind, "skeptical".

As I am, very skeptical of rebooting a war, because that is what we are doing REBOOTING Afghanistan.

This country has spent over or close to 1 trillion dollars.

Have we had enough?

Every poll that is out there, recently, have the Afghanistan War a no win war. People want the troops out.

We have spent too much damn money on this shit and don't have NOTHING to show for it. Ah, yes, we have not been attacked since 9/11. This argument is fading and after tonight, very quickly.

The President was eloquent, looked sad, kept on point, but I don't think he changed many minds. Not when we have an economy and unemployment rate that is shattering. Not when many are out of work and are looking at what is affecting THEM directly. For these folks, Afghanistan is worthless.

I hope among hope that Barack Obama's plan work, but history is a bitch. It was the Soviet Union who fought in Afghanistan for 10 years, it was this war that bankrupt that country.

The United States of America is on the tether, yes, a very fine tether. The money sunk and owed for both Iraq and Afghanistan is part of what has happened to this country financially, along with the Wall Street fraud.

When will it end? When will we have someone say, "THE TIME IS UP, NOW, NOT 18 MONTHS FROM NOW."

And the timeline? Does anyone believe that it will actually be adhered to? One thing about wars, you can set a date and it can easily be blown to bits. Don't trust it.

Lastly, I will pray tonight for President Obama because he will be lucky if this country falls for rebooting a war that we have been fighting for 8 years. He needs all the luck and prayers he can get.

Sad, tonight.

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