Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Mary Landrieu, why don't you just join the Republican Party

Really. She is abysmal and I am being very kind here, on her voting. So, it comes at no surprise that she is totally against any public option.

It is these kinds of democrats that will make it tough for the public option. But my question is this, "Mary, you come from a state with some of the worst poverty records in this country and many of your constituents do not have health care? Are you listening to those voices?"

I doubt it.

Asked under what circumstances she would support a public option, Landrieu responded, "[v]ery few, if any. I'd prefer a private market-based approach to any health care reform that would extend coverage," according to the Monroe News Star.

"I'd like to cover everyone -- that would be the moral thing to do -- but it would be immoral to bankrupt the country while doing so," Landrieu said. The public option as currently conceived is expected to be a deficit reducer.

And Landrieu is on the GOP talking point mode that the public option will bankrupt the country, when in fact it will reduce costs across the board, forcing private insurance companies to be competitive.

Landrieu is one of the senators that has taken a big chunk of money from lobbyists, over 2 million in fact. So, again we should not be surprised, but it is Democrats like these that will make health care reform hard, especially the public option even IF she states it is a moral responsibility, in the end she sides with the insurance companies.

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