Friday, August 28, 2009

Dissin' our president and calling him "Hitler" is the norm in the Republican Party

In fact, true racists have become the norm in the Republican Party and its leaders have done NOTHING to change any of this. I agree, whole heartedly with this sentiment:

What's truly shocking is that Republicans are still comparing our president to Hitler, and no one on the left has yet figured out how to capitalize on this. How many times do you think we'd have gotten away with comparing George Bush to Hitler? In fact, the answer is: Zero. MoveOn was perpetually blamed for comparing Bush to Hitler, when in fact MoveOn did nothing of the kind. The Republicans wanted to scare MoveOn, and more importantly, hurt MoveOn's brand among Democrats. And to some degree it worked. And what do Democrats do when Republicans actually, repeatedly, compare our president to Hitler?


Democrats where are your spines? Really, where are your spines? I guess being the majority has had the opposite affect. Sure, it is easy to let this sit out there and the public decide, but where are the voices of the Democratic Party?

If a black or latino person would have bought a gun to a town hall of George W. Bush's, there would be no question that person would be in JAIL. But it is increasingly acceptable that these right winged extremists bring guns to a town hall event on health care and it is just the norm. Something is wrong with this picture. The media is just as responsible for having these nitwits on the air, perpetuating further hysteria. There is something going on out there and it is all about the color of our president's skin, this should be disturbing and frightening to us all.

None of what is going on right now is the norm, none of it.

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